AARP Membership Video

By Gavin | July 26, 2018

AARP Membership Video

AARP community is aim to help living your best life with many ways, to connect with the world, to get back to your community, to make healthy living easier and to save money.

Welcome to the world of AARP population million-strong, it's no wonder so many people like you are here, here you can live your best life, because AARP is full of activity and opportunity no matter what your lifestyle, it's the perfect place for you to stay informed, stretch your dollar, live a healthier life, and even give back to your world, come to explore the AARP community, and we help you get the most out of life with AARP.

The magazine, this award-winning bimonthly magazine brings you everything from celebrity interviews to information on a variety of topics, like financial planning and caring for aging loved ones, and AARP bulletin published ten times a year, helps you stay informed on issues that directly affect you, including health policy and social security, there's also an ARP org and our mobile app, which give you even more ways to connect to the world around you, on those you'll find everything from games to recipes to helpful tools, like our financial calculators plus important news, and information is updated daily, so it's easy to keep up with the issues and events that matter most to you and your family.

Of course one of our best-known attractions is the relationships we have with trusted companies and organizations, that offer a wealth of benefits and resources to you, from discounts on products and services to free guidance and information, as a member of the AARP community, you can save money at your local movie theater and at favorite restaurants, not only that but you also enjoy access to credit cards, health insurance, auto insurance and other products and services, specially selected for their appeal and value to members like you.

AARP is also a great resource for travel planning, providing you with destination guides, travel tips, and exclusive offers on airfare, hotels, cars Cruise's, so it's easier than ever to visit the places you always wanted to, take that cruise you dreamed of years ago, go see the world, or maybe you wanted to realize a different kind of goal of giving back to your community, helping others is always rewarding, so we provide resources like AARP, create the good to help you do just that, it's a way for you to organize and find volunteering opportunities, that help our neighbors and friends live their best lives too.

AARP Foundation is another way to make that happen, our charitable organization is constantly working to help vulnerable seniors get what they need for everyday living, including food, housing, income and even a way to stay connected to their communities, and because Living Well goes beyond today, we are constantly working toward long-term change, that means representing you both in your state and in Washington, as lawmakers are making decisions that affect you, for example, AARP has worked to help reduce home energy costs for millions of Americans like you, plus we've championed legislation to help ensure the financial security of older Americans, and to keep health care, quality high and costs low. Because health care is so important to your quality of life, AARP offers a wide range of resources to help you and your family improve and maintain your health, such as free information on diet and exercise, you also get access to quality comprehensive and supplemental health insurance and dental coverage, add to that discounts on prescriptions, fitness, eyewear and more, and you're on your way to a healthy future.

As for now explore more of your AARP community, where it's all about living your best life with so many ways, to connect with the world, to get back to your community, to make healthy living easier and to save money, it's more than possible to do just that, thanks for being part of AARP, it's good to have you get the most out of your membership, go to www.ourorg/my AARP to tell us your interests, so we can send you information about the things that matter most to you.